COLUMN: It will take time for these policy changes to bed in - Boston and Skegness MP

This column is provided by MP for Boston and Skegness Matt Warman ...
Matt Warman, MP for Skegness and Boston. Library image.Matt Warman, MP for Skegness and Boston. Library image.
Matt Warman, MP for Skegness and Boston. Library image.

Fortune, it is often said, favours the brave. The new approach from the Prime Minister, adopted the second she was was appointed, is certainly brave.

She seeks to redress what she framed in the leadership contest as years of policies that could have done more to promote growth.

Conservative though they may have been, she sees a braver future that could yet stimulate growth in a way that has been unprecedented in the UK for at least a decade.

That decade has of course seen immense challenges, be they the ramifications of the financial crash, COVID, or a host of other massive yet relatively minor issues.

Now, though, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor argue is the right moment for a new approach.

It’s an evolution that could foster the revolution that many argue is long overdue.

It's tempting, of course, to rush to judgment on a policy that is a significant shift.

It will take time for these changes to bed in, even though this is a Government in a hurry to deliver results.

For me, the vital test will be if we can as a country sustain the crucial investments that are going in to constituencies such as Boston and Skegness, be that the new A&E, the Towns Fund or the Levelling Up Fund, alongside borrowing in the short term to promote growth in the medium and the long term.

The Chancellor and the Prime Minister, at the very least having won the argument to secure their new roles, deserve the time to see those policies through.