COLUMNIST: Change your lifestyle for the better in 2018

Welcome to our new column, we hope to bring interest, humour and sound common sense ideas that when used will help you to improve your lifestyle.

It feels like the right time to put pen to paper as we reflect on the previous 12 months and look forward to 2018.

Like many, you may be coming up with all manner of new year resolutions which will start on January 1st, but I ask you, if you feel you need to change your life for the better, why would you put it off for the next two weeks?

Start know it makes sense.

Now any change that you make is going to be uncomfortable, can you recall ever learning a new skill like driving, or riding a bike, how many times did you fall over when you were just a toddler learning to walk?

All of these things will take effort and discipline but what I’ve found (as an ex smoker) is that whatever you decide to change in your life, the outcome needs to be bigger and more important than what you’re moving away from.

So if you are going to stop smoking, or lose some weight, if you’re going to keep a diary or stop using social media so much. It all starts with that first step.

My background is as a passionate amateur athlete.

I have had a varied life and enjoyed sport throughout my life. I am an athletics and triathlon coach, proud chairman of Doncaster Triathlon Club and a passionate Pilates teacher and sport massage therapist.

I have enjoyed working with many and varied people from young enthusiastic kids, through to Octogenarians who are recovering from joint replacements.

They all have one thing in common, and that is that they all want to improve their lot.

So I’m speaking to you now, what is it in your life that you would change if you had a magic wand?

What is it that has stopped you doing something about it before?

Have you tried and failed?

Have people laughed at you?

Maybe you say to yourself “what’s the point?”.

We’re nearly at the end of this year and the start of the next, so I’ll challenge you to write down what your life is going to be like next year, set yourself some goals that will make you feel uncomfortable, but do something. This will be the first step to your weight loss, or stopping smoking, making your life the one that you want, rather than the one you are stuck with.

Beat the queues for the gym and the slimming clubs and get stuck in. You can do it.

Have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy and exciting 2018.

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