Commons Touch - Flooding issues brought to fore

I have had a varied and interesting time recently covering the many areas of work that I do on a weekly basis.
Isle MP Andrew Percy with Coun Ron AllcockIsle MP Andrew Percy with Coun Ron Allcock
Isle MP Andrew Percy with Coun Ron Allcock

Many things have happened to me both here in the constituency, including across the Isle of Axholme, and also during my time in Westminster.

Recently I was so pleased to be the chairman for the most recent Isle Flood Advisory Group in Crowle to discuss issues affecting so many people.

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This important advisory group is the body that brings together all the interested parties to discuss progress on the Isle of Axholme Flood Management Strategy, which is so important to many.

During the intense discussions we had an interesting update from the Environment Agency regarding the Flood Advisory Group strategy and also about the works that are about to commence in Owston Ferry.

A few days later I met with one of the local councillors, Coun Ron Allcock (pictured with me right), on site at Owston Ferry in order for us to view the preparatory works that are taking place and also to get a more detailed briefing from Ron about them.

The bank at the site has been getting eroded away by the swelling of the river here and the works that are taking place will help to tackle that erosion. That should help to protect the defence wall in the area on South Street too.

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I have also had a lot of people who have contacted me through various means about the BBC2 fly-on-the-wall documentary series ‘Inside the Commons’ which started airing recently and gives a great insight into our day-to-day working

I’m one of the MPs that has been followed both in Parliament and in my constituency over the past nine months or so. It has been really so touching just how many residents have watched the programme and many who have sent me letters or emails or tweets after it to say how interesting they found it.

I was a bit nervous about watching it as you never know how it will be edited. Anyway, my mum liked it so I suppose it must have been good viewing. They tell me I will be featured in future weeks too talking about reform of Parliament and how private members’ bills work. I tried to change the law recently to ensure people in service jobs actually get the tips left for them and the documentary crew filmed a lot of this. We shall see how this pans out.

I was delighted recently to welcome the Prime Minister to Goole to see the construction of the link road in the town that will unlock potentially 3,900 jobs.

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This road basically links the motorway to the docks and opens up over 100 acres of development site. Interest from business is strong and the scheme has only been made possible thanks to £13 million of investment from the Conservative-led Government. These jobs of course will be accessible to residents on the Isle too so I am pleased to have played a role in helping unlock it. Parliament is a bit of a funny place at the moment as everyone knows the election is coming and MPs from all parties just want it over with. I suspect that also goes for the public too.

* by Isle MP Andrew Percy

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