Got a problem? Write to our new agony aunt for advice

DO YOU have a problem that has been bothering you and you need some friendly helpful advice?

Look no further than our new ‘agony aunt’ Jan Baker, who is ready and waiting to answer your questions.

We have asked Jan to answer some of your reader letters and her responses will be published on our website

Jan said: “I am a fully qualified counsellor with many years experience seeing people from all walks of life, supporting them through difficulties and reaching their goals.”

“Each week, I will answer a reader’s letter on emotional, relationship and day to day life issues.”

Jan is a local woman who runs her own therapy business Therapy Works 4u.

There are many reasons why people seek therapy. It is a time set aside, in which the therapist and the client commit to work together on difficult areas in the client’s life.

But for some people who can not meet a therapist face to face, writing a letter and getting a response can be a worthwhile way of seeking help.

And that is what our Jan is here for. So if you have a problem that has been bothering you, and you think you would benefit from some guidance please write to her.

Please rest assured that you will not be identified by name and Jan can not enter into personal correspondence.

However, if you would like to seek further help and support to deal with issues or make changes to your life find out how at

Perhaps you are having relationship trouble or are grieving after the loss of a loved one. Or you might be stressed out at work, or a busy parent struggling to make ends meet and feel taken for granted by your family.

No matter what your problem is, it is worth talking to someone, whether that is a therapist, a friend or a relative.

Even getting your feelings down on paper can be a great relief. So why not write to Jan today?

Email her at [email protected]