Green-fingered thefts

The last few days have shown we may still have some sunshine to squeeze from this year’s summer.

And while the daylight is hanging on in the evening, it’s not only homeowners who are making in the most of their back gardens.

Green-fingered thieves have been out in Cuckney and Norton with a number of reports of garden ornaments being stolen. A bird bath, ornamental wheel barrow and a couple of urns have gone missing.

These items are made of stone and are quite heavy. They are also large and bulky and not something you would miss if you saw a couple of people carrying them.

Keep your eyes peeled for activity of this kind and report suspicious incidents to us immediately.

Staying in Cuckney, we have also dealt with a couple of thefts from vehicles. To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of car crime, keep your car in a locked garage whenever possible, otherwise park it in well-lit area.

Don’t leave valuables on display and take detachable CD players, radios and portable satellite navigation units with your when you leave your car. Perhaps keep your glove box and boot parcel shelf open so would-be thieves can see there is nothing of value inside.

On the subject of securing your property, a number cyclists have had the brakes put on by thieves.

Keep bikes in a locked garage and secure it further with a quality bike chain and lock. Mark the frame with a property-marking liquid or etching system and record it’s frame number with an online property register such as

Don’t forget to apply the same security measures when you are out on your bike. If you are leaving it unattended at any point secure it to an immovable object such as a lamp post. Be aware that rural areas are often targets for thieves due to their isolation.

Finally, the children have gone back to school this week. Be vigilant on the roads, leave more time to get to work in the mornings and be considerate around school buildings in terms of where you stop to drop off and pick up your kids.