GUEST COLUMN: Outstanding young people recognised, by Coun Liz Plant, Vice chairman of NCC children and young people’s committee.

Nottinghamshire County Council is passionate about promoting and celebrating the many positive achievements of our young people.

That is why we were delighted to receive record nominations for our annual youth awards this year – with the awards now in their fifth year. Members of the public nominated 130 young people from across the county.

The 4Uth awards recognise the outstanding achievements of young people across the county for a variety of different areas such as outstanding achievement, caring for others, vital contribution within a local community and overcoming adversity.

We had the opportunity to meet the seven district winners along with their families and friends at a recent awards night which took place at County Hall.

The evening saw each of the seven winners receive their district awards and then a countywide award was presented to Jasia Byatt, from Rainworth, who was crowned the 2015 4Uth award winner.

Jasia was nominated by Jodie Hoggard, the project co-ordinator at Third Star, a voluntary sector project based in Rainworth, for her commitment as a volunteer worker at the Rainworth club whilst overcoming profound disabilities.

She has been undeterred by whatever challenge she has faced in her life and she makes an immense contribution to her youth club in Rainworth for so many young people and all involved in managing this group. Her inspiring story provides a superb example of a volunteer who does so much for the local area.

It is great so many people have embraced the 4Uth campaign once again this year to give due recognition to the wonderful achievements of young people across the county.

In my role I get to meet and see first-hand many of the marvellous things that young people do every day without perhaps realising that what they achieve is special, whether they are young carers, young entrepreneurs, community stalwarts or doing something of significance in another areas of life that makes a difference to others.

These awards give an opportunity to raise awareness of these accomplishments so these inspiring young people get the recognition they richly deserve.

Find out more about the awards on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website: