History event at Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest’s colourful history is once again brought to life during Sherwood Through the Ages this weekend.
Photo by Red ZebraPhoto by Red Zebra
Photo by Red Zebra

The popular annual family weekend event is organised by Nottinghamshire County Council in partnership with EventPlan and will focus on a number of key periods in the history of the forest.

Visitors can enjoy taking a trip back in time along the circular Major Oak path as different periods of history are explored at the event on October 3 and 4, from 11am to 4.30pm both days.

We are justifiably proud of Sherwood Forest which has witnessed so many intriguing chapters in its history.

Sherwood Through the Ages successfully portrays these different periods of time from and is an exciting and fun event for the whole family.

Performers highlighting different periods of history at Sherwood Forest include:

• Romans and Tritons: (The Vicus)

• 5th Century - Anglo-Saxon settlers: (Wulfingas AD450 Society)

• 12th and 13 Century - Anglo-Normans: (The Knights Hospitaller Association and Re-enacting Ancient Times Society.)

• 15th Century - Wars of the Roses era: (Sir John Savile’s Household)

• Civil War soldiers and camp followers: (Sir Robert Overton’s of The Fairfax Battalia).

• 18th Century – (Highwaymen of Stand and Deliver)

• WWI: Manchester Regiment, 1914-18 and Alex Burnham Photography.

• WWII: 1939-45 Allied Association and Virtue to Victory Plus wartime-era cars.

• Post War Malaysian Emergency: (Foreign Field).

• 1960s Civil Defence volunteers (The Bluejackets)

• Cold War: British Army on exercise: (Forces 80 and Call Sign Alpha).

There will be historical traders selling a variety of items from different periods in history and displays from today’s county council rangers and examples of current conservation work.

Admission to the event is free and car parking costs just £5 per day. For more details visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/whatson or EventPlan’s website: www.eventplan.co.uk where you can download the full programme.