I am pleased to see justice has been done in sick miners case

I worked extremely closely with the Serious Fraud Office in investigating alleged fraud against sick and elderly miners.

And when this case was dropped on a technicality after a High Court ruling I pressed the SFO to release specific files to the police for potential criminal charges.

The charges brought against UDM leader Neil Greatrex were part of the SFO investigation.

I also provided witnesses for the SFO and police who gave evidence on potential fraud.

I specifically highlighted the finances of the Nottinghamshire Miners Rest Home at Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire in documents I provided to the SFO and the police.

Needless to say I am pleased to see justice has been served with a guilty verdict.

This whole miners’ compensation scandal has been a disgrace from start to finish, with dozens of firms of solicitors found guilty of inadequate service to their clients and many solicitors fined or struck off.

Now we have the predictable demise of a union leader who was at the heart of the miners scandal and I am calling on the police to now widen their investigation into whether others have benefited from the fraud.

I am calling on the UDM to now pay back monies taken from the compensation of sick and elderly miners and to re-open the care home as a miners convalescent home.

I want the immediate release of all papers on Government and DTI meetings and correspondence with the UDM.