Jubilee was a joy for some

Many folk will be in a confused state at the moment regarding what day it is due to the double Bank Holiday.

With most folk only working three days this week we have had a taste of what it’s like to be a school teacher as we now embrace our weekend off.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations got a mixed response in these parts with many that I spoke to, but the general feeling was that all the pomp and ceremony did actually make you feel proud to be British.

Houses were draped with Union Jack flags that had been made and shipped over from Hong Kong, while many a pint of foreign beer will have been consumed in celebration of everything British.

Wall to wall coverage on the TV of the events in London looked impressive with the Monday night concert my particular favourite.

Most of the performers put on a superb show while Cheryl Coal Dust and Bill I Am proved that you don’t have to be able to sing in tune to be a pop star.

Poor old Prince Phillip must have been counting himself lucky that he was not out in the cold night air enduring those two perform.

Other than that most Dinno natives appeared to enjoy the Bigger Bank Holiday along with the traditional full day of rain on Sunday followed by the cool breeze Monday and Tuesday.

All I can say folks is make the most of it because the nights start drawing in a week on Thursday.

I heard a very touching story recently about a couple of newlyweds from Woodsetts.

The Groom was driving as they made their way to Blackpool for their honeymoon.

Quite shyly the groom reached over and stroked the Brides knee.

The blushing Bride smiled and shyly said “We are married now darling you can go further if you want”, so they drove to Edinburgh instead.

This week’s true fact comes from the one and only Portrush Pat.

He informs us that towels are a major cause of dry skin.

Three cheers for the Queen.

Dinno Lad

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