We are learning to live with Covid - column by Matt Warman, Conservative member of Parliament for Boston and Skegness

Christmas is coming – and for all the privations Covid has brought, it’s important to think of the many things that mean today we’re in a better position than last year.

If there’s a single message, it’s obvious - get boosted now.
If there’s a single message, it’s obvious - get boosted now.

A wall of immunity built with vaccinations, a booster programme at world-beating pace – we’re on the way, slowly, to learning to live with coronavirus.

We know now, for instance, that it’s clean air that matters much more than clean surfaces.

We know that vaccines work.

And we know that lockdowns hurt society in more ways than almost anyone had previously considered.

So if there’s a single message, it’s obvious: get boosted now.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, get vaccinated now.

The millions of people around the country who have done so are testament to the safety of the jab.

The relatively low numbers of hospitalisations are a testament to the fact the vaccine is a kind, selfless thing to have that helps others just as much as it helps you.

The heroes of 2020 are undoubtedly all those involved in the vaccine programme – from the task force that funded projects to every medic and volunteer involved in delivering the millions of injections.

And the villains are those who spread lies about Covid, claiming that you don’t need a vaccine or saying that it won’t really harm you.

So if you need Christmas present inspiration, try this: we all know someone who hasn’t yet got round to vaccination: try to persuade them, as a friend, that if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them too.