We will bring justice

In recent weeks, I have been reflecting on my first year leading the Neighbourhood Police Teams in West Bassetlaw, reviewing our performance and looking forward to the next 12 months.

In June 2011 we launched Operation Abridge. This operation has us working with our partners to reduce violence and disorder during the evenings and into the nights, promoting a safe and inclusive night life for West Bassetlaw.

Analysis showed that offences on Friday and Saturday evenings have decreased by 27 per cent in the last nine months. The total number of reported incidents during this time has also reduced by 126 incidents (16 per cent) when compared to the same period last year.

We also launched Operation Animism in 2011 to reduce incidents of antisocial behaviour and to protect the most vulnerable victims.

Reports of antisocial behaviour has consistently reduced during 2011/12. In the last quarter, it was 16 per cent lower than in the same quarter last year. Year on year, it is down by 18 per cent.

We continue to focus our attention on bringing those who cause most harm to our community to justice. Nearly 75 per cent of offenders committing assaults with injury in our community have been convicted.

The above is just a brief glimpse of the policing performance to date. It has been achieved against a backdrop of reduced budgets, ensuring your money is spent wisely and most effectively.

You have completed 854 Neighbourhood Priority Surveys over the last quarter. In these surveys you have told us what matters most to you, which in turn has guided our policing priorities.

We have had an encouraging 12 months, but there is still more to do.

I would like to thank all the partners we work with, my talented team and, most of all, the public who stand up time and again to support us in the fight against crime.

To those who still threaten and damage our communities through crime, my message is clear: together with our partners and with public support, my team will bring you to justice.