Working with youth

First this week I’d like to highlight the excellent work being done with youngsters by two of our PCSOs.

For 12 weeks PCSO Scott Padley has been running a Junior PCSO scheme, engaging young people from Carlton in police-related activities. Hopefully it has proved an enjoyable few months and a fascinating insight for them.

PCSO Ryan Bowskill hit the ground running on his move to the North East beat team a few months ago setting up the Three-legged Youth Club in Gateford, and next month will stage a gala.

The Gateford Youth Gala will be held on the field next to the Three-Legged Stool pub, Raymouth Lane, on 20th August. There will be a barbecue, entertainment from a local band and dance academy, and various games and activities.

In other news, in a bid to stem the supply of Class A drugs in Worksop, this time last year we conducted a proactive operation. As a result, three people were arrested. The offenders pleaded guilty to Class A drug-related charges and were sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on 28th June.

Michael Dyson, 35, of Carlton Road, was convicted of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs and possession of criminal property. He was sentenced to two years, four months in jail.

Luke Moloney, 31, of Carlton Road, and Joanne Butler, 30, of Gateford Road, were convicted of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs. Each got two years, four months imprisonment.

Supplying controlled drugs damages our communities, driving people to commit crime to fund their addiction. Support is available to those who wish to move away from drug abuse, however this recent result sends a clear message to those who choose not to get help.

My teams will not allow drugs to taint our community. We will pursue those who perpetrate this sort of activity and ensure they are brought to justice.

Finally, the Summer Drink Drive initiative will be running from 12th to 14th July. Don’t be irresponsible with yours and others’ lives. It’s simple: don’t drink or take drugs before getting behind the wheel.

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