Beware self-congratulatory praise

EDITOR – When someone starts to pat themselves on their back in a most self-congratulatory way, as in blowing their own trumpet for all to hear, then you know straight away something that they are cooking in the kitchen is starting to smell not too dissimilar to skunk cabbage.

And that reason brings me to write. In such a manner was the unbelievable headline in the Market Rasen Mail (Wednesday, September 14), which read “Flooding Defences Are Getting Better” – so claims the Environment Agency.

Why, if this is the case, are they, in their pure wisdom, in the process of breaching the sea defence at Donna Nook near the village of North Somercotes and flooding hundreds upon hundreds of acres of the very best arable land in Lincolnshire for a wildlife wetland.

When it has professionally been declared that this arable land is quite capable of producing the equivalent of one million loaves a year, and keeping in mind what we are all witnessing in certain parts of Africa with women and children dying by the thousand from starvation, this scheme by the EA is nothing less than a travesty.

And while the EA mention the date of the 2007 floods, may I suggest they take a look in the history books under the year 1953. No matter what they bleat about signing up for this and signing up for that, I’m afraid it will happen again – and breaching sea defences shows their true judgment and skill when dealing in these matters of such great importance and concern.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street