Carry on rejecting... or Louth’s centre will suffer

EDITOR – I had a letter printed some time ago referring to the application of an out-of-town supermarket for Louth, and my comments at the time were well heeded because you rejected the application and others too of late.

You have managed to save your beautiful town centre with plenty of local shops to choose from and a frequent meeting place and busy body area with exceptional market days too. By rejecting these applications for a supermarket you are giving lifeblood to your shopping centre, which is also a hub of the community too especially market days.

As far as out-of-town shopping centres are concerned, the major supermarkets will promise anything to get a foothold on out-of-town shopping, but that is where it all begins... if one gets it the rest will want it!

And that will be the end of your town centre, empty boarded-up shops with only kebab houses open. Please take heed from a shopkeeper in what was once the community hub of Grimsby’s Freeman Street and learn by our mistake, because that is what we are now experiencing: empty, boarded-up shops with council promises and regeneration projects (four so far).

Craig Bilbe

Freeman Street, Grimsby

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