CCTV - Car park should be fitted with cameras

I have great sympathy with the gentleman who was the victim of a hit-and-run in the Tesco Car Park.

My car was damaged recently.

I parked within a bay, paid for my ticket, did my shopping only to return and discover the front had been ‘hit’ by another car.

I can only think a driver reversed into my car and drove off.

The damage amounted to just over £500.

I asked around at the time but no one saw anything.

Friends suggested I should chase up CCTV footage.

Some chance.

Like the gentleman last week, I discovered there is no camera in that car park.

I find that worrying. I know there have been incidents before in that car park and it is a gathering place for youngsters.

Surely, it would make sense to have CCTV coverage.

Alison Taylor

Via email