Concert - Result of much hard work

An encouragingly large audience found their way to the Christmas concert of Horncastle Choral Society, which had chosen the challenging task of performing excerpts from Bach's Christmas Oratorio.

A great deal of very hard work went into the concert.

The choir itself was central to the project, delivering the music with clarity and beauty.

The big choruses were performed with panache; the discipline and concentration was so intense that the occasional error passed unnoticed.

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Of the soloists, Paul Wright was truly outstanding. He sang beautifully throughout his wide range, while Isabel Wilson delivered the lengthy aria, Sleep, Beloved with grave unsentimental beauty.

The second half consisted of a balanced selection of carols.

The outstanding piece was a new carol by Chris Hinkins, specially commissioned for the concert.

Its catchy melody, subtle shifts of key and unexpected harmonies were much appreciated by the audience.

The whole evening owed very much to the skill and sympathetic understanding of Caroline Chadderton, the conductor, and also to support of Chris at the 

Don Ford


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