COUNCIL CUTS - Appalled by service cuts

I am absolutely appalled at the proposals by East Lindsey District Council to save £6million from its budget by attempting to hand over responsibility for key services to the town and parish councils.

We all know how profligate it has been and how skilled it has been at creating non-jobs with inflated salaries.

Perhaps before the council seeks to cut the essential services of the general public, it should tell us where it has made, or intends to make, any substantial savings within its organisation, because these proposals make no sense whatsoever.

Council bosses talk about wanting to attract more people to the coastal resorts while, at the same time, seeking to take away the very facilities families with children need, such as toilets and paddling pools.

Markets bring additional trade into the towns where they are held. Why should cash-strapped town and parish councils bear the cost of this?

As for transferring the responsibility for some of the street lighting to the town and parish councils, this surely is a bridge too far.

Who will monitor them – assuming the funding could be found, which I doubt? What about maintenance, health and safety and insurance costs?

And no, Mr Guyatt, the public are not sympathetic to these proposals.

Mary Hoyle