Council - Investment has never been greater

Why do political candidates print rubbish, then wear out shoes delivering it.

Isn’t the fact West Lindsey being the only council in Lincolnshire capable of collecting green waste free of charge worthy of acknowledgement?

Let’s not forget how the present administration in West Lindsey also secured the largest percentage of the £29.4 million awarded to Lincolnshire in the last chancellor’s budget.

A review of leisure facilities is taking place which includes a new build for Market Rasen.

Are we saying, due to car parking charges sick people are no longer visiting the doctors’ surgery because the surgery car park is hardly used compared to pre-charging?

The streets are not blocked. Where have the cars gone? Who is treating the sick?

The county council are not at loggerheads with the districts, the work continues.

Why would you build a southern bypass when the northern route would be 1/3 of the cost and serve a greater purpose?

Investment in the communities of West Lindsey has never been greater than in recent years – our investment, capital and initiative funds available to all clearly demonstrate that.

Jeff Summers

Via email