Council: Lack of understanding of issues and lack of action

I find the results of the meeting with the Town Council attended by Cllr Davies, portfolio holder for Highways, and the notes taken by the Town Council, found on the Town Council's website, a sad indictment of the attitude of Cllr Davies and his department in public relations.

His complete lack of understanding relating to all matters raised, in connection with Horncastle, was not becoming of the LCC.

Whist I was unable to attend the meeting, I have been told that the meeting achieved nothing positive regarding the town.

LCC don’t recognise the Conservation Area and merely respond to safety issues by using tarmac to “gob up” broken slabs and cobbles.

However in relation to the Statutory Services reinstatement they are legally responsible to reinstate to the original finish, within two years. This relies on LCC enforcing this requirement.

If the local depot plead insufficient staff, then our local county councillor should ensure that this requirement is enforced. To date this has not occurred Cllr Aron.

The refusal to allow the Town Council Clerk to be able to contact the Highways, at Hemingby Lane, is unacceptable. Again Cllr Aron should be using all endeavours to expedite this senseless decision, particularly as the reporting system is not currently fit for purpose.

The statement that the LCC do not consult, but engage, flies in the face of all recognised procedures to encourage joint working and the public being able to express their views in due time.

Cllr Davies seems to adopt the attitude, “the public may be right but LCC cannot be wrong”.

Arrogance is unacceptable in a democratic society.

There are many other issues which Cllr Davies has brushed aside even though many are over three years old and have been ignored and not picked up by the local officers and, more importantly, County Councillor Aron.

Does he have any pride in the town?

By the evidence he does NOT.Shame on you Cllr Aron.

As reported in the Horncastle News, 25 July the problems in Bowl Alley Lane will be “monitored and there is no easy solution”.

Sorry councillor, but there is a long term solution, but requires some lateral thinking. Compulsory purchase land on the opposite of the Road opposite the schools to build a lay-by for off road parking and ban any car parking from the Stanhope Road to the school entrance at all times.

Investment now is better than a fatality, which is going to happen, any time.

Again what has Cllr Aron done in a positive action? Nothing except talk about it. Not good enough.

As regards street lighting, we are not concerned with the County, we are concerned with Horncastle and personal safety.

We are not talking about lighting people’s driveways Cllr Davies, we are concerned about the people of Horncastle and action needs to be taken. Cllr Aron, have you walked the town at night to understand the problems?

I think the answer is NO.

I have applied to join the Town Council due the recent resignation of Cllr Stott.

Should I be successful, I intend to challenge Cllr Davies and Cllr Aron to a public meeting to debate these issues.

Richard Barker, RIBA

Via email

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