Criticism - Face to face discussion welcome

The Horncastle News, May 9, 2018 has a letter headed, 'Are Constant Complaints Justified'?

If an individual has such concerns then he/she should have the courage of their convictions to supply their full details.

If it was a member of the Town Council then this is in breach of media protocol.

I can only assume the letter refers to myself, but the writer needs to get the facts right.

My “research”, looking back over the last 6 months, would dispute many of the points made in the letter.

My advice to the person would be attend Town Council meetings, second Tuesday of the month, and if you are so committed put yourself forward as a candidate for the vacancy that has occurred on the

Town Council last week.

I challenge you to meet with me, “any time, any place, and have a face to face discussion”, attended by the press.

I look forward to hearing from you, sir or madam.

You can contact me through the Town Clerk.

Richard Barker, RIBA.

Diploma in Architecture, Birmingham; Member of the Horncastle Town Council, 2011 – 2014; Chairman of the Standards Committee for ELDC 2004 – 2009.