Cyclists - Impossible to pass safely

From the very start, let me make it clear that I have nothing against cyclists '“ indeed, more power to their pedals.

However, while driving through the wonderful Lincolnshire Wolds and the Ruckland area in particular, it was something of an obstacle course avoiding the many cyclists who appeared on some routes.

Often, the problem was them riding three or even four abreast on very narrow roads.

This was the case on one steep, uphill section and it was almost impossible to pass safely.

I did slow down only for one vehicle to overtake me – and the 20 or so cyclists – without having any idea of anything that might have been hurtling towards us in the opposite direction.

I appreciate cyclists have a right to use our roads and it is often wonderful to see them out and about in our beautiful scenery.

But please think about your safety and ride in single file, particularly on narrow roads.

Mark Jennings


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