Dogs - Some action is needed

I am writing to you in regard to the recent article about the problems of dog-fouling in Woodhall Spa and, in particular, on the cricket club outfield.

While I appreciate people have to walk their dog somewhere, surely there are more suitable sites than the local cricket club.

The very nature of the game means that players are often diving on the grass.

I know many of these players are young children.

The thought of them ending up in dog mess is quite frightening.

It is true that the majority of dog owners I see on the field do clean up after their dogs.

But, as the cricket club says, not everyone follows that policy.

It would be a shame to see a fence erected and I would not like to see countless signs suddenly appear.

Clearly, some action needs to be taken.

Perhaps if our local district council hadn’t allowed so many new developments to be built there would still be green fields where dog owners could exercise their pets.

Maurice Jackson

Woodhall Spa