Highways - Maintenance - or lack of it!

Lets give three cheers for Andrew Neal's recent letter regarding highway maintenance in Lincolnshire,or should I say the lack of it.

The general public’s number one complaint is potholes,and because of our highway authority’s failure to effectively deal with this issue,they are paying out huge amounts of money in compensation for vehicle damage.

Blaming the so-called bad winter for the number of potholes does not stand up to scrutiny as there were just as many potholes during the previous mild winters.

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An example of the current wasteful,inefficient way of dealing with potholes was perfectly illustrated along the section of highway that runs through Howdales.

The entire length of road was riddled with holes,some of dangerous proportions and a state of affairs that has prompted numerous complaints to the council.

Time passed and just when one could have been forgiven for thinking that the reason for the delay in filling the holes was that the pothole gang were religious and had gone on a pilgrimage,low and behold they turned up.

However my elation was short lived as they told me they could only fill eight holes because that was what was on the order. A couple of days later, the same gang, who came from Lincoln,returned and filled a few more,special emphasis on the few.

I have no idea when the next scheduled visit will be but at the present rate I would calculate the remaining holes should be filled by this time next year by which time even more will have developed.

John Jaines

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