Hope for improvements

Let’s hope that in the New Year our major political parties can spend more of their time and money on improving this country of ours, instead of ‘mud slinging’ at one another (childish attitude or what!)

Far too much ‘hot air’ and blame is put onto the previous governments, when little or nothing is done to upgrade the public’s living standard and safety.

What really concerns me is the way that our roads, pavements and cycle lanes (the very few that there are), are allowed to deteriorate to such a dangerous and totally unacceptable level.

I was told only 28 per cent of fuel tax and vehicle licence tax actually go on roads, the building of them and the upkeep of them.

My brother Ron lives in Los Angeles, USA and the first thing he comments on following the return to the UK is the horrendous state of our roads.

Why is it then, when the US public only pay a fraction of fuel tax ($3.30 per gallon, I believe)that we pay, that they can keep their roads in a safe standard, whereas we can’t! It simply isn’t logical!

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree

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