HS2 and Eurostar

The thing with the hs2 project is it cost £42b and 30 years to complete. Most of those voting for it may not be in power to answer if things go wrong.

They are saying the same things when the east coast mainline was upgraded.

As a retired train driver I can remember the Eurostar was tested up the east coast mainline, so what is wrong in another upgrade for the Eurostar on the east coast mainline at a fraction of Hs2.

With regards to freight which most of my driving involved it was always a fight with the road transport lobby at Westminster and sometimes local councils who did not have the foresight of integrated road rail to the benefit of ordinary road users. Go down any motorway this is what you get. I know in some cases rail has to give way to road. I can go back when Worksop

rail yard was hoping to be a road rail terminal but the road hauliers at the time showed no interest even though there were grants available for such projects. Anyway that is past history. Until rail has a level playing field and governments of either party realise the roads will gridlock.

Just one last word to put in the equation Eurostar are I believe bidding for the east coast franchise, what a coincidence !

Derek Bowskill


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