Letter - Highways: why are we still playing a waiting game?

I would like to bring your attention to just a few of many highways related matters in Horncastle, some of which have been outstanding now for over 12 months.

In no particular order;

•Flooding in Wharf Road needs action as it is now a safety hazard.

•A marked York stone slab to the rear of Bells now has the adjacent slab loose and both are a hazard and need action having been like this for over 5 months.

LCC marked about 25 kerbs on the High Street. They remain unrepaired after 4 months. Another example of poor management as most of the yellow marking have washed off.

•Kerb work and pavement work marked in yellow at the front of the Library still needs action as it is now over 5 months since it was identified.

•The replacement bollard outside Wilkin Chapman has still not been re-installed as promised.

I would like to ask why our County Councillor has failed to ensure a date when the pedestrian crossing on the A 158, near Foundry Street, will be installed as it continues to be a major road safety hazard.

A schedule of works for the Market Place has been promised, when can we expect this?

Proper barriers to the closed section of the Market Place road again promised by you remain outstanding.

You have failed to honour your promise.

When will they be installed?

Councillor Richard Barker.

Via email

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