Letter: It's not our job to sort out the rubbish

My wife and I are old-age two pensioners who have had their domestic rubbish regularly removed from their property without a single cause for complaint for many decades.

This morning, however, the bin men (and a single ‘bin woman’) decided that three small paper items and something described as ‘film’ seen in our blue bin was worthy of abandoning their duty and not emptying the bin.

Please allow me to remind the councillors that it is their job to ensure that domestic sites are cleared of rubbish on a regular basis.This is one of the key reasons we – the residents of West Lindsey – pay Council Tax. It is not the job of the councillors to impose their trendy, dictatorial, whims on people who elected them. If our rubbish needs to be sorted, let people be officially employed to do it.

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It is not, and never has been, the job of the council taxpayers to sort out rubbish that is a threat to health and the well-being of the ordinary public – a threat multiplied many times by encouraging the foraging of rats and other vermin (our next blue bin ‘emptying’ is four weeks away).

If our rubbish needs to be sorted, let people be officially employed to do it, writes a disgruntled reader.

It is absolutely astonishing that such a ludicrous decision has been made by the district council. We have to tolerate four waste bins on our property (one of which - the green bin - bears an even extra cost), haul them out on to the street, and then collect them when they are (or should have been) emptied.Of course, we are prepared to do this as it contributes to easing the task of the bin men. Yet, now we find we are to accept the obligatory sorting of ill-defined items which are the responsibility and function of the district council.

A simple answer would be to increase the regularity of the waste collections and thus reduce the number of bins in operation.

Nevertheless, it is no wonder we are already suffering from the scourge of fly-tipping. How long will it be before we face fly-tipping on the council’s doorstep?

E.C. Coleman

Bishop Norton

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