Letter - Market Place: Update on planters’ saga

In regard to the situation in the Market Place, this is the motion presented and agreed by Horncastle Town Council at their meeting earlier this month (January).

Under the Covid 19 support arrangements Central Government arranged for businesses hit by the lockdown in March 2020, funds were delegated to regional councils to be made available to towns to assist these businesses to attract customers through innovative measures to ensure compliance with social distancing.

Horncastle Town Council managed to obtain funding from LCC to close off part of the Market Square to be used as outside space for restaurants/cafes.

The closure was carried out by LCC staff using temporary barriers with a promise that planters would be provided to replace the temporary barriers.

Four months after the closure the temporary barriers are still in place and the proposal to be considered by Council is as follows.

‘That planters owned by the Town Council, already in place around the town, be utilised as temporary barriers for the closed part of the Market Square.

The planters to be used would be identified by the Estates Committee and movement to their new temporary position under the supervision and authority of the Chair of the Estates Committee.

The Town Clerk would write on behalf of the Town Council to LCC to obtain permission for this temporary measure to be implemented forthwith.

In addition, the Clerk request that authority (LCC) to supply and place permanent planters for the Market Square are delegated, along with the funding available, to the Town Council.

The Chair of the Estates Committee would liaise with LCC to arrange the return or storage of the temporary barriers.’

The Town Clerk would liaise with the Horncastle History and Heritage Society to inform them if any of the planters managed by them were to be used for the temporary measure’

Councillor Alan Lockwood

Via email