Letter: One of the new Holdingham roundabout crossing points is dangerous for pedestrians

Only one of the existing pedestrian crossing points at the new-and-improved Holdingham roundabout is situated at a set of lights where vehicles can stop.
The Holdingham roundabout, which has just been upgraded.The Holdingham roundabout, which has just been upgraded.
The Holdingham roundabout, which has just been upgraded.

The other, on the northern stretch of the A17, is uncontrolled carriageway.

When I took a walk across this point earlier today, I observed some drivers treating the roundabout like a racetrack, so I was immediately concerned at the risk of an accident involving a pedestrian here, especially in the dark.

In addition, no warning of the danger is presented to drivers, many of whom will be unfamiliar with the old never mind the new layout.

I have asked the chairman of Lincolnshire Roads Department if the council would consider creating a new pedestrian route which would lead safely across the A17 instead of the existing risky crossing.

This new route, combined with “red and green man plus sound” signals that work in conjunction with the traffic lights so that when the traffic lights show red or amber, the green man shows (and beeps) and when the traffic lights are green, a red man shows.

The signals wouldn’t need to be pedestrian-controlled, but they would give children and slow moving or visually impaired pedestrians a better idea of when it is safe to cross.

In the meantime – please take extra care when crossing – there are two lots of three lanes to cross now where there used to be only two sets of two lanes.

Ian Paterson

via email

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