Letter: Speed - Roads are built for vehicles to drive on

In reply to your article in the Rasen Mail (20/01/21) where Councillor Neil Taylor states he has seen cars, that must!! have been travelling at speeds exceeding 50 mph in Queen Street. Surely this is only a guesstimate on his behalf, as to the speed of these vehicles?

More times than not when I travel to Market Rasen, it is difficult to reach speeds of 10 mph through the main street, because of the sheer numbers of vehicles queuing as far back as De Aston School some days.

This is the same on the other side of the town, queuing back to Middle Rasen.

I believe that Mr Taylor and most other councillors, including planning departments, need to understand, that every vehicle on the road is trying to go somewhere, and the more speed restricting devices placed on roads, to slow them down, will only encourage drivers to try and make up for lost time, by increased speed.

Whatever new restrictions are brought in, you will not stop the ‘boy racers’; we have all had to grow up Mr Taylor.

I believe the speed limits on our roads are acceptable and should not be altered, until proof that they need to change with proper evidence, not a guesstimate.

Roads are built for vehicles to drive on.

If local planning departments have allowed more and more houses to be built around the town, without providing the road infrastructure to meet the extra traffic this has created, who is to blame?

I have seen no new roads built around the town, no road widening works taking place in the last 50 years. (Houses yes).

I believe it is wrong that Mr Taylor uses words such as ‘mortal danger’, ‘somebody will be killed’ - this is only scare mongering.

If he wishes to use words of this nature I believe he should produce some figures on the amount of accidents in the town, where someone has been injured by a speeding vehicle, not near misses - these will always happen, and hopefully people will learn from them.

May I just make one other point to Mr Taylor and Mr Bunny?

The best time for planting daffodil bulbs is September to October, hopefully your January planted ones will grow.



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