Lighting - Was there consultation?

It was reported in the Horncastle News last week that there is a plan to switch off nearly all of the town's street lighting between the hours of midnight and 06.00. Whilst I cannot fault the idea to save money, I do take exception to the execution.

I am writing to both the LCC Highways Department and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, as both organisations have a responsibility for road safety and street lighting within the county.

According to the map provided in the Horncastle News, the lights on the A158 and A153 will ALL remain on throughout the night. Also it shows that the lights in Queen Street and Foundry Street will ALL remain on throughout, please explain why?

Also, why would the lights on Osbourne Way, Granary Way and The Sidings remain on?

Whilst I fully support the proposal to save the cost of lighting the town unnecessarily, I believe it could be implemented in a better, safer and more satisfactory manner.

I would recommend that after midnight every alternate light on the A153 and A158 would be extinguished.

The older style lights in the centre of the town remain on throughout the night.

In all other residential areas, every third light should remain on.

This would have the effect of saving energy/cost but not turning the town into pitch black.

I have to ask what consultation took place prior to this decision being made?

Were a representative number of residents asked or was this just another cynical box ticking exercise?

Did Coun Richard Davies give the residents of Horncastle any choice or is this another case of use a sledgehammer to crack an egg?

Andrew Neal

By email

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