Minor incidents on A60

I did see the Guardian recently on Notts CC campaign over seat belts worn on the A60 and I think it is admirable.

However at least if you are wearing a seat belt and you collide with one of the many dangerous central refuges such as those at Costhorpe you should not cause too much damage.

Talk about removing a splinter in your eye and ignoring a plank in the other.

Notts CC choose to ignore how dangerous some of these refuges are.

Notts CC are at the moment choosing to ignore the 400 plus people who signed the petition over the state of the A60 at Costhorpe.

I have chatted to a road safety officer and he says that the A60 accident statistics shows that since the alterations the road is much safer than before. He however said that their records only show if the police tell them. The many minor accidents caused by the unnecessary central refuges do not go on their records.

It is essential for people to complain to their local councillors if they have concerns over the A60.

Fred Pickersgill


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