More attendance

Dear Anston folk, I wonder if the parish council can pass a New Year’s resolution, by ensuring the parish clerks attends the office three out of five days a week, so that he can more effectively run the parish and support and manage the staff there.

We are lucky if he attends one afternoon a week. How can anybody run a parish when they don’t get involved in the day to day activities that go off!

I think more use could be made of Anston Stones Wood, selling on wood to create an income would boost the coffers of the council, we should ensure that this valuable revenue stream is protected. Why not have a resident craftsman and his apprentice working there, which would create two valuable jobs.

Anston is now a small town of 10K people and needs a parish clerk who can deliver what the town requires. We haven’t even got a decent civic centre for the town, anybody would have thought the parish council had been asleep for the last 30 years.

We need decent rail and bus links to Sheffield. On top of this Anston is due a comprehensive school, the upper school at Dinnington could be removed to allow all this to happen. There is so much more that could be done to make Anston a better place to live and commute from.

Hopefully the parish council will pull out their finger and provide a Christmas tree for next year, I understand it would be easy to tap into the electric supply half way up the Baulk. I understand somebody is ready to donate the tree.

Can I draw attention to the excellent work carried out by the dwindling parish workers, who do the job more for love, than the money.

All the best for the New Year

Tim Wells

Nursery Crescent,

North Anston