Parking: Concern for access

I write in response to the article regarding parking issues on Bowl Alley Lane and Tudor Park '“ this is nothing new.

Being a resident of Tudor Park and having witnessed inconsiderate and careless/illegal parking for a number of years I find it baffling that the police, according to PCSO Wass, have had no complaints from Tudor Park residents.

I have spoken to PCSO Wass on a few occasions about this and he has even been to our house to discuss, I think I have even shown him photographic evidence.

Basically Tudor Park has become an overflow car park for the St Lawrence School, with staff cars parked all day along with the transit van taxis, whereby three or four bring students to the school and only one goes back carrying the drivers and returning later for pick up time.

There have been issues when the school have their open days or on-site events and, whilst not wanting to detract from the children’s activities, the car parking at these times is inconceivable and if emergency vehicles needed to access one of the homes it would be hopeless.

We have taken to parking our own cars on the road, and then moving them back later on.

I have been to the school numerous times to ask them to get cars moved to allow access for emergency services if needed – we have many elderly residents and ambulances are regular visitors to the estate and to their credit the school has always complied with the request.

I would like to add it is not just cars from St Lawrence School; we also have the twice daily drop off and pick up from the junior school, which, although can be busy it is only for about 20 minutes and you just have to accept the ‘blinkered’ attitude of some parents.

I am all for the safety and wellbeing of the children, which is extremely important, but as for the parking restrictions, these are neither heeded nor enforced by the police or the traffic wardens. Perhaps if a reporter with a camera was present from the news they would be!!

It is the same old story “they are never there when they should be!”

For the record, the school was there first and 22 years ago when we moved in we were aware of school traffic and we avoid coming in or going out of Bowl Alley Lane at school times, and why should the farmer who owns the field opposite the school give it up to accommodate parents dropping off or picking up their children?

A Tudor Park Resident

Editor’s note: PCSO Wass confirmed police had spoken to this resident about parking concerns, but this was some years ago and not regarding the current situation.