Parking fees - Park, rush and then push off

Adrian Campbell is quite correct when he castigates West Lindsey District Council's proposal to impose car parking charges.

I have not met one resident or visitor who thinks this is a good idea.

The council claims it has consulted with various interested parties before arriving at this decision.

These interested bodies include the Road Haulage Association. Why? What possible input can the RHA have?

Even the economics of it all are open for examination. An income of £50k minus operating costs of £31k per annum. That leaves an estimated £19k pa profit, but when one factors in the installation cost of £65k, it means the district council will be in the fifth year of investment before it shows a return.

In five years, I doubt that many of the shops currently trading will still be active.

The council may also reflect on its peculiar charging proposals. It is not the 30p for the first hour that on face value seems reasonable, but the threat of escalation to a £60 fine for those motorists who dare to overstay.

No casual browse in the local shops for the visitor. No cake and coffee in one of our half-dozen or so excellent tea shops and restaurants. Park, rush round and push off.

Mike Walton

Wold Antiques, Market Rasen