Parking: Thanks - but issues continue

Thanks for the very good article on issues re car parking in Coningsby. I note the East Lindsey comments and they have now replaced the keypad on the offending machine - but it still will not take new one pound coins.

This machine is at the disabled parking area and it is a long walk to the other machine.

ELDC carried out a consultation before re-introducing parking charges across the district and I sat in on two local council meetings in Tattershall and Coningsby where they both resolved to have free parking on Sundays.

ELDC, of course, now say they never promised to allow free parking in Coningsby on Sundays, a change which will cost very little to introduce. All they have to do is modify the information signs.

The broader issue of consultations is an interesting point. What is the point of having a consultation if you ignore the results?

There has been an erosion in the morale and confidence of local councils, who feel they make little difference.

I have witnessed several experienced Parish Councillors say this, and have to agree with them.

Why bother asking for opinion based on detailed local and historical knowledge if you ignore the feedback?

Lincolnshire are going to look at the establishment of a Unitary Authority and there is a statutory requirement that a consultation be carried out as part of the process.

Many people will not bother to take part in this, not because they are apathetic but because they feel that their opinions will be ignored.

There is a probability that a very small proportion of people will respond to the consultation, but even if only say 2% respond, LCC will have fulfilled their statutory duty and will put another tick in a box to say job done.

Many people in the community feel disempowered and, to repeat a misused word, are not apathetic. Look at the turnout at a recent public meeting in Horncastle - just two members of the public turned up.

Well, I’ll be scouring the local shops for old one pound coins this week so I can go to church on Sunday.

Colin Mair