Politics - Why have a town council?

As a former Mayor of Market Rasen I have a deep affection for the area and want to see an efficient Town Council using our tax pounds wisely.

I was quite dismayed, but not entirely astonished to hear that a neighbouring authority, Gainsborough , is working with a £535,000 budget and a deficit of £100,000!

Calls for abolition are being heard following a damning Audit report, since WLDC and LCC provide most services anyway.

So well might we here call for the same? The mistakes, triple taxation, and money haemorrhaging episodes in Market Rasen have been episodic in recent years - £70,000 for asbestos removal from Mill Road, and the latest squandering of £90,000 of Section 106 money on De Aston Field, when it could have been purchased for far less in a more timely matter instead of waiting for the last minute.

Many towns in the UK are staging referenda to abolish their councils. Is that what we should be doing in Market Rasen?

No doubt members of the council will be dashing off furious letters of self justification to the Rasen Mail. But it would be better to ask taxpayers if they want to keep handing over cash in tough times to a lame duck.

Coun Burt Keimach,

Market Rasen LCC & WLDC