Pool - find out what people want

I bought a printed copy of your paper so that I could read your article and thought it exposed a complete weakness in WLDC's processes.

Get more people to live here to build a business case for a pool? What complete nonsense!

Where is the evidence that there is a strong business case for a dry facility and why did the council not explore whether there is already a business case for a pool?

It was acknowledged there was a fundraising campaign for a pool that was “nothing to do with WLDC” but the fact that there was a fundraising campaign for a pool underlines the strength of public feeling - and business case - for one.

We have seen a position move from being ‘very surprised’ at Market Rasen Town Council’s support for a pool to the dry facility now being considered as a first stage towards getting a pool. But £6.3 million is a lot of money to throw away on a first stage for which there is no proven need.

Why not bypass all that and put this money and land resource towards something that people have demonstrated that they do want?

I live in Caistor by the way and most Caistor residents seem to support a pool at Market Rasen.

Shona Wall