READER LETTER: Royal Navy - New Website for Shipmates

Royal Navy PicRoyal Navy Pic
Royal Navy Pic
May I draw to the attention of those readers who have served in the Royal Navy, that the system for them to find their old shipmates, RN Shipmates, now has a website

This not only lists H.M.Ship’s Associations, but has a list of Ship’s Reunions, with dates and locations. Scribbled notes from those with more specific requests and searches are also displayed. I feel sure that any person who has served in the Royal Navy will find something of interest. Many associations are listed, but a new one for 12 ships of the H.M.S. Blackwood Class Antisubmarine Frigates, is up and running thanks to the publicity given in the recent past by local newspapers across the country printing my letters.

Mike Crowe

Sandown, Isle of Wight