Reader’s Letter: Response to Barron’s blog

Following Mr Barron’s cynical Blog 14th March –‘The government doesn’t understand the struggles people in our area are facing at the moment’. Well neither does he, here’s why and he has been challenged on this previously.
Public meeting called by MP Kevin Barron over the future of Dinnington miners welfare club (w110613-6d)Public meeting called by MP Kevin Barron over the future of Dinnington miners welfare club (w110613-6d)
Public meeting called by MP Kevin Barron over the future of Dinnington miners welfare club (w110613-6d)

The Labour Government transferred 500 jobs from this region to Scotland to bolster their patronage north of the border. What did he or Mr Healey for that matter have to say about it, precisely nothing? When challenged about this, and whether he will campaign for repatriation of the jobs should the Scots vote for independence, again he has nothing to say.

His party allowed uncontrolled immigration to run riot for which they apologised, but now they refuse any possibility of a referendum on Europe and so will continue to allow mass immigration of low skilled, uneducated East Europeans to come to this region to undermine and undercut all the people of this region, including the young.

All this despite a leaked government report which states: the ‘open borders’ policy is excoriated for the effect the ‘freedom of movement’ has had on local communities. In summary, the report quotes police figures showing that 292 people arrested for begging in the year 2012, 207 were Romanians. Of the 80,000 or so Romanians in London, 27,000 have been through the courts. This policy also punishes the low paid and low skilled, as well as the young, with the biggest losers being builders including self-employed tradesmen. And only this week Migration Watch have published a further report which has shown that the cost to the tax payer of this policy has been running at £22m per day since the mid 1990’s when social costs are taken into consideration. ‘Low skilled, low paid migrants are contributing far less to the Treasury than they’re taking out. As the report shows, a couple in low paid work with two children could be eligible for working and child care components of tax credits on top of housing benefit’. What does Mr Barron have to say about that lot?

Well let me enlighten you, precisely nothing and I know this because I have asked him previously, and I have asked him to debate these issues, and received the same response. Perhaps Toby Foster could arrange it?

So Kevin now you have been ennobled, why not slip away to the Lords where you can while away your days snoozing and leave defending this region to those who are prepared to stand up for Rother Valley. Mr Barron’s parliamentary majority has now been eroded to around 10%, at next year’s general election let’s not just erode it further, but together we can defeat him.

Allen Cowles

UKIP candidate, Rother Valley

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