Refuse - Praise for staff at disposal site

Let me start on a positive.

Can I just say what a wonderful job the staff at the refusal disposal site in Kirkby on Bain are doing.

Due to various reasons, I - and other members of the family - have had to visit the site on a regular basis during recent weeks.

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Whatever time of day, the staff are always helpful and help unload car boots, trailers and lift heavy items into skips.

They even sweep up the mess left by people dropping off garden waste.

I can assure you that from previous experience this is not the case at many municipally run tips.

While the staff are a credit, the road leading to the site is an absolute disgrace.

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After reading previous letters in the Horncastle News, I can only wonder why the County Council can find thousands of pounds to re-surface their own depot in Horncastle and not do anything about the access road to the tip.

I wonder how many vehicles have been damaged by either potholes or the concrete speed humps which understandably are designed to slow the speed of vehicles but are very hard to see?

Come on County Council.

Ian Larkham

Via email

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