Road plan - We hear of council cuts...

Surely, all the talk about a Horncastle bypass as part of a Coastal Highway is dependent on one thing - Government money.

We have our councils warning of cuts to this and that, so it is entirely unrealistic to think they will provide the money.

I know it is very early in the process to start talking about how much everything will cost, but if it is correct, the cost of the East Lincoln by-pass is well over £100m - and that is for ten miles. An upgrade of the A158 must be double or treble that - if not more.

As has been said, there is no point solving the traffic problem at one bottleneck only to move to another (ie Wragby to Horncastle).

As we’ve seen before, no recent Government has shown much interest in this region - especially when it comes to investment.

Somehow, I can’t see that changing under the present regime.

Paul Smith

Via email