Roads - More concerns

I am writing in reference to the page five article in the Horncastle News (25/1/17).

I note the county council did issue a statement regarding my comments about their policy regarding re-surfacing roads but it did not address any of my concerns

They include:

○ I was told in an email from the county council that only A & B roads would be re-surfaced.

This is not the case. I have seen a number of no through roads being re-surfaced.

○ When I advanced the level of my complaint, I was told it would be investigated by an independent person only for me to discover that the individual was employed by the county council. How is that independent?

○ I actually took the time (and trouble) to drive the individual around the area and highlight some of my concerns. At no time was there any suggestion he was not independent.

○ In such tough economic times, how can the council justify spending money resurfacing no-through roads (often with only a handful of dwellings)?

I read with interest in the same edition of the newspaper that Richard Barker, a local businessman and ex-councillor, was objecting to the same authority spending money on parking bays outside the town library when other areas of nearby road were in much more urgent need of repairs.

That only highlights why my on-going dispute with the council is not just about road repairs but about the entire policy of how it allocates and spends money - and our money at that.

That is why I intend to highlight my concerns to the chief executive of the county council, my MP Victoria Atkins and the Local Government Ombudsman.

In my opinion, the authority concerned is clearly not spending the monies allocated to it for road repairs and re-surfacing in the correct manner.

Robert MacCormack