Site is ideal for travellers

Prompted by ongoing dialogue with the Kiveton Park Station Action Group, we are conducting our own research into the viability of the proposal for a Traveller site on Dog Kennel Hill, Kiveton Park.

Whilst we cannot comment on the Action Group’s suggestions that the site should instead be used either as a heritage centre or as a car park, we believe that the site, with decent landscaping, would be an ideal place for gypsies and travellers to live. We accept the Kiveton Park Station Action Group’s concerns about the proposed site potentially discriminating against gypsies and travellers on good faith, but we do not agree with these concerns.

We understand that some of the objections also relate to green belt development and a nearby railway line. We would like to point out that the proposed site is adjacent to an executive housing estate and that a precedent has already been set for residential development in this particular area.

Michael Doherty

Communications Officer

Travellers Movement (TM)

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