Speed - law needs to get tougher

When are the drivers going to learn- especially motorbikes and the young drivers in their cars - that the speed limit in Jameson Bridge Street is only 40mph?

These riders and drivers just completely ignore this sign.

Is there any way an illuminated sign can be put up as in Willingham Road that tells you to watch your speed?

I live in Jameson Bridge and when the traffic signals aren’t working at the top of the road aren’t working, people are putting their lives on the line just crossing this road because of careless drivers.

What does it take for the council to put up signs like these- a bad accident or a fatality? It’s the elderly, disabled and the young I feel sorry for.

It’s high time the council or the police did something about this.

If it takes speed cameras hidden, I would feel a lot safer. Jameson Bridge Street is the worst road for these speed merchants.

The riders and drivers seem to think they can go double the speed and ignore the speed limit.

It seems that every so often someone appears in the local paper who has either been injure or killed and it’s the families that have to suffer.

Let the law get tougher in our town.

Name supplied via email