Still no heating on our buses

It’s now the middle of winter and Stagecoach, our local bus operator in Worksop are still using buses without heating in the passenger compartment on many of it’s fleet operated from the Worksop depot on the town and out of town services.

This is in spite of the assurances given to us passengers and also to Rena H. Verlander Passenger Service Adviser for Bus Users UK by the chief engineer at Lincoln, David Skepper and his assistant Andy Smith last winter that the defects would be rectified and forwarded instructions to the maintenance department at Worksop re: same, but alas, still freezing buses. It’s noted that in the drivers cab the driver can do his job in their short sleeved shirts while the passengers struggle to keep warm, so much for the comfort of the fare paying passenger who, after all pay their wages and salaries.

Is it beyond the capabilities of the maintenance staff to repair a simple heating system? On the newer additions to the fleet the heating is superb.

Hopefully a little publicity by The Worksop Guardian might spur them into action. But don’t hold your breath!

Tom Colohan

(via email)