Tour De France on Bridge Street

When is are our council going to enforce traffic regulations on Bridge Street?

I wasn’t aware that the one way regulations on Bridge Street had been rescinded, but it seems that they have.

In two hours between 3pm and 5pm on Tuesday I have observed no less than six vehicles proceed up Bridge Street the wrong way, exiting at the top onto the market Place. Indeed one of the vehicles was from ‘platinum’ the councils contractor for removing the old street lights.

There is also the parking issue, numerous private vehicles use Bridge Street for parking particularly between 5pm and 8pm whereas parking should really be limited to vehicles that are being loaded or unloaded. I know its an old complaint, but things don’t change. Oh! And what about the cyclists, at times it seems the Tour De France is coming down Bridge St. Now there’s an idea!

Tom Sleight

Bridge Street, Worksop