Treatment of disgraced MP is a joke

EDITOR – As expected, former Scunthorpe MP E Morley has been let loose after only doing a third of his jail sentence for robbing me, a member of the tax-paying fools, out of £30,000. What a joke.

If that had been me screwing the Government out of thousands of pounds I would have got five years with no remission.

It just goes to prove how bent our judicial systems are, one law for the rich, one for the poor.

I’ll bet he is sat back in his big mansion in Scunthorpe laughing his head off at me and all the other tax-payers.

But this con it has given me a good idea how to make money: fiddle £30,000 and spend 12 weeks in jail, about £10,000 per month for crying in a warm cell with TV and all perks. It’s no wonder the British public have had enough of these crooks.

Buying biscuits, lavish entertaining, first-class travel, paid by me, when will it end? Or will it end? I think not.

They are all a bunch of overpaid mouths who talk plenty, but only feather their own nests.

If anyone has noticed how this MP fiddle has gone quiet can they please be careful, it could be your local MP who is ‘at it’.

After all it’s all quickly hushed up by the Government to protect their own image.

There is no wonder the crime rate is as bad when the people who are supposed to be our saviours are a bunch of overpaid crooks who do nothing for this country and create suspicion everytime they open their mouths.


High Street