Unforgiving Council!

On Wednesday 11th September 2013, myself and some self employed sales leaders hired a market stall on Worksop market.

We were given parking permits which we thought was a good gesture from the local council/market manager.

We were advised of which car parks were allocated to stall holders although there is three in the area were we parked

We parked three cars on a car park on Newgate Street with the permits on full show thinking this was the correct one, on our return we was faced with three parking tickets on windowscreens.

We have put in a appeal with Bassetlaw council which I received a letter stating that our appeal was unsuccessful. As stated, one car which was my company car and the other two cars of self employed sales leaders who work on behalf of Avon cosmetics.

Our reason to have a market stall was to show people our new products and give free samples away whilst also recruiting new representatives within the area.

We was looking at having a market stall once per month although was looking at Wednesday, Friday and Saturday throughout November and December.

I have currently taken up this matter with Avon cosmetics legal team and will be proceeding within the local press on what a unforgiving council Bassetlaw is when all we did was make a mistake by parking in the wrong car park.

I am just grateful that I don’t live in the area of Bassetlaw and pay my council to them.

It still looks like the sheriff of Nottingham is still heavily involved in Bassetlaw and Robin Hood is working on behalf of them!

If we had known the hassle and upset these tickets have caused I would have paid the ticket machine on arrival to avoid this unfriendly uninvited charge.

After two appeals they have now said that I can’t appeal further as the appeal date has expired. My question to that was why has the appeal right expired? They said that a letter was sent to Avon Cosmetics Head Office and they should have forwarded the letter to myself. I did explain that we have just had a holiday period and that the letter should have been posted to my address so I could further appeal.

This really is a negative response on Bassetlaw Council and Notts Parking Partnership as well as the fact that I have had John Mann MP and Kevin Barron MP sort of acting regarding this issue, but I do wonder at times what involvement on my behalf they have actually done.

As a last straw I am currently in contact with the Deputy Council Leader Mr Griff Wynne, a nice approachable guy but I won’t hold any hope that this matter is resolved.

Although I have been told that the council are going to change things regarding parking for market traders which to me seems a little to late!

Nick Rollinson

Avon Area Sales Manager - Darwin Division