Vandalism - Sad to see the state of the Spa buildings

As someone who has lived in the village for over 15 years, I and many local people I talk to are not surprised that the Old Spa buildings are being vandalised.

Visitors, who are now to be seen all year round in the village, are faced with this “bomb site” whenever they visit the Kinema or Tea House in the Woods - two of our great and very popular success stories.

When the current owners announced that they had bought the site and were going to return the buildings to their former use and in that process create a luxury Spa complex, it was very warmly welcomed by the residents of the village .

I am sure you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise the massive financial possibility of not only offering Spa / Golf breaks, but having membership of the Spa open to local residents .

Woodhall Spa is a very wealthy village and this new Spa would without doubt be extremely well supported.

What has happened in three years - NOTHING !

Now Bainland Park are in the process of spending £6 million on upgrading their already excellent site with more luxury lodges and a luxury Spa complex, which will be available to local residents - fantastic !

What will that mean for the Old Spa? The buildings will soon sadly fall down on their own accord and a massive part of Woodhall Spa will be lost.

If that happens, how very sad.

The management of Bainland Park are grabbing the nettle and providing a facility much needed in the village as it will also greatly enhance the experience of Woodhall Spa to now all year round visitors.

Jim Linke

Woodhall Spa